Two years..

A long time to be away. 

A lot has changed with me in the last two years since I last put something on this humble blogsite.  When I started this site, I was seriously questioning my Christian Faith, and I used this forum to communicate with fellow doubters and believers.  In this, it was highly effective. 

After my faith took a nosedive, I abandoned this site to write for

I have not been a regular contributor there for over a year.  My lack of Faith is pretty secure.  The pain is mostly gone.  So I stopped writing about it. 

I would like to try and find a use for this site.  Since edublogs is designed for educators and students, I would like this site to fulfill that purpose to a greater degree – I have a few ideas in mind.  I will work on it slowly, and only for myself.

4 Responses to “Two years..”

  1.   Tricia Says:

    Wow! This site is fantastic. I found it through Debunking Christianity . I’m in the same boat that you (and countless others, apparently) were in. My website is listed. I’ll definitely look yours over and you are free to stop in and visit mine. I’m craving some community, and will settle for internet community.


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  4.   Jennifer King Says:

    I must say that two years is relatively a short period of time but I am so happy to hear that you’ve experienced so many changes and improvement in such time. I am also hoping to find lots of improvements for myself in the next 2 years. I hope by that time, I could already write good essays that I won’t be needing anymore. Well nice to see your site!

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