OK, another year and a half later…

Looks like I wrote an article almost 14 months ago named ‘Two Years Later’, and never followed it up.  I have been involved in several creative online activities, all of them just hobbies and brain candy. 

In the meantime, I want to start writing articles again.  I need a creative outlet.  I just cannot let it be a time sink like it became in the past.

I have let this poor site fall into a state of disrepair.  Left to its own, it has become a spam magnet.  ‘Tis a new year, and time for new beginnings.  Let the early spring cleaning begin.

First thing’s first though – I wonder if I should move this blog out of edublogs to something more commonly used, like Blogger or WordPress?  In the first place, it looks like this article, and each article I will write, will be stuck with a stupid ad:


Back around 2007, when I first thought of blogging, I did not know how to fire one up.  RoseMary, my wife and schoolteacher, signed me up to this edublogs, a blogging site for educators and students.  I then spent the next year on here on edublogs “educating” people about my loss of Faith in Christianity.  I was shocked at how popular my articles became and how many comments, detates, and discussions they generated.

That stupid ad did not exist back then though.  It does now.

It is really annoying.

Let’s see….. I built a profile on blogspot long ago so that I could comment on other blogs.  It has never been used…


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